Dan Aykroyd loves the new GhostBusters, Adele blasts fans and Katy Perry Hacked!

Dan Aykroyd has defended the upcoming Ghostbusters movie remake, calling the new film “brilliant” and […]

Dan Aykroyd has defended the upcoming Ghostbusters movie remake, calling the new film “brilliant” and insisting it is funnier than the original. Dan starred in the original 1984 sci-fi comedy and its 1989 sequel…

After the trailer for the new movie was released earlier this year, it raked in more than 648,000 dislikes on YouTube, making it the only movie trailer to make it onto the list of the popular site’s Top 100 most disliked videos, according to ScreenCrush.


Katy Perry and her fans got hacked yesterday! A hacker from Romania @sw4ylol sent a message to Katy’s 89 million twitter followers that read, “haha follow @sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack.” The hacker also leaked an unreleased track by Katy called Witness 1.3 via a SoundCloud link.  Back on Katy’s page, the hacker sent off a series of vulgar and nonsensical tweets…

The Hip
Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip will definitely play to packed houses on their final tour, but thanks to scalpers and ticket bots, it will be mainly those with deep wallets watching the show, rather than fans with a deep appreciation of a band considered by many to be Canada’s definitive musical act. Essentially, there’s a $1,200-per-seat profit on some seats right now via scalpers and ticket bots….  Seats that should have sold for $166 in Calgary’s Saddledome were being flogged for US$1,360 over StubHub within minutes of the 10 a.m. pre-sale shutting down, and that was just one of 329 tickets on that site alone. There are pre-sale opportunities for fans who hold certain credit cards. These fans are given special codes as a reward for their devotion to the band….More shows were announced and tickets for the Ontario shows go on sale to the general public this Friday- Good Luck!  August 14th show added to ACC


Adele has had enough of you millennials and your SnapVineTumblr media accounts. Check out the footage above of her shutting down one fan who can’t put away their phone. Thanks to the fan who filmed the event and clearly didn’t care to listen to Adele…