Dashcam Footage Catches Toronto Police Officers Mocking Woman With Down Syndrome

Family Was Appalled At The Comments Made By The Two Officers

In December 2016, Pamela Munoz was pulled over by two Toronto police officers for allegedly running a red light. Munoz had both her daughters in the vehicle at the time.

After being issued the ticket, Munoz was told by the officers that she could fight the ticket in court using the video footage of the incident. Believing that the light was yellow at the time, Munoz took the officers’ advice and retrieved the video as part of disclosure prior to fighting the ticket. Her court date was this month.

While reviewing the video, Munoz heard both of the officers that pulled her over making fun of her daughter, Francie, in their patrol car. In the video, one officer is heard describing Francie as “two-and-a-half women” and “disfigured.”

“Artistic.…That’s going to be my new code word for … different,” said one officer.

Following the event, both Toronto Chief Police Mark Saunders and Mayor John Tory have both commented on the officers’ abhorrent comments. Saunders recently visited the family’s home and reportedly stayed for over an hour, though the event was a private encounter. Francie described Saunders’ visit as a positive experience.

“He said he’s sorry for what happened,” said Francie Munoz. “He was so nice.”

Mayor John Tory also expressed his distaste for the comments made.

“I was surprised to hear it and I know that it does not reflect the way Toronto Police officers think,” said Tory.

Feature photo courtesy Stewart Rand via Flickr.