Dean Martin’s Daughter Blasts John Legend For Changing The Lyrics To “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

It’s absolutely absurd, Martin's daughter says.

Last week, John Legend took to instagram to announce that he and Kelly Clarkson were re-working the classic Christmas song after they recorded it last year and received some blowback.


After Kelly and John released their version last year, there was controversy over the lyrics, claims that they’re suggestive of sexual harassment or date rape.


The lyric change has Dean Martin’s daughter speaking out against the classic Christmas song written and recorded in the 1940’s.

Deana, a singer and actress, who told U.K. breakfast TV show Good Morning Britain that John’s alterations “absolutely” offended her.


“You do not change the lyrics to the song,” the 71-year-old explained. “He’s (Legend) made it more sexual with those words he’s said. It’s absolutely absurd.”


New lyrics include “it’s your body, and your choice.”  Deana suggests that Legend should write a new song rather than mess with her father’s.