Death Of A Legend

Muhammad Ali Dies At Age 74

three-time heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali died last night. He was admitted to hospital this week with breathing difficulties; he had battled Parkinson’s Disease for more than 30 years. Ali is being remembered not just for his fights in the ring, but for those against the establishment as well. He converted to Islam and changed his name from Cassius Clay after an upset title win over Sonny Liston. He then refused to enter the draft for the Vietnam War and publicly spoke about racism in the United States. Some feel he did more for the black movement than Martin Luther King Junior. In the ring, he was known for his flashing hand speed, his showmanship and for his brashness. He taunted opponents before matches, trash-talked them during and proclaimed his greatness to reporters afterward. His interest in boxing came at the age of 12. He had reported a stolen bike to local police. The officer, also a boxing trainer, if he wanted to pummel the person who stole his bike, he had better learn to box.

photo credits: Gloves – Powhusku via Flickr; Ring – H. Michael Karshis via Flickr