Decoding Mom Talk!

Do you speak mom?

The ChannelMum from the UK has shared a list of funny phrases used by parents.  This is the secret slang parents use around kids so they don’t understand what’s going on…

Mom Bun- When you toss your hair up in the mess bun so its out of your face and your kids food or barf

Poonami- an explosion of poo and stink

Winging it- That’s when you’re doing your best when everyone else around you seems to have it all figured out

Threenager- 3 going on 13

Sniff test- when you check to see if the baby really needs to be changed by sniffing their butt

Mombie- a mom that’s absolutely exhausted due to lack of sleep

flying solo- when its boys night and you’re left to fend for yourself with the kids

iParenting- using the iPad or tablet to distract your kids so you can get things done!

Going to bed early- having sex

Adult headache- Hangover

The mom spa- When you open the dishwasher after the cycle is done so you can get some of the steam…