Demand For A Nude Maid Is UP During The Pandemic

Do they dust too?

The demand for NUDE MAIDS is up during the pandemic.  


Here’s why.  There’s no point in hiring a nude maid if you’re not home to watch, right?  So with all the people working from home now, there’s more demand for nude cleaning services.


The Owner of Reading Naked Cleaners says it isn’t a sexual service, but the demand for a naked woman to hoover your house is way up!


Boss Adrian came up with the idea of launching a nude cleaning service after realizing that no business-owners in his area had jumped onto the trend. You can book a naked cleaner for about $120 Canadian between the hours of 9a to 9p.


It’s a discreet service with bills appearing on your statement as “cleaning.” Adrian insists that this is a non-sexual service and clients are not allowed to touch or take pictures of the young women on his team. He’s also hiring if you’re interested!