Demi Lovato is taking an extended hiatus in 2017.

Demi broke the news to fans via her Twitter account on Tuesday. She wrote, “So excited […]

Demi broke the news to fans via her Twitter account on Tuesday. She wrote, “So excited for 2017. Taking a break from music and the spotlight.. I am not meant for this business and the media”. This came just hours after she made comments about Taylor Swift hating on Katy Perry….


Kanye West adds more security and lookalikes to their detail…


Kanye West has ploughed £6million into boosting security in the hours after wife Kim Kardashian was bound and gagged at gunpoint by raiders.  The rapper will even have lookalikes of Kim on permanent duty to act as decoys and help keep her movements secret.  And he has enlisted an online security team that previously advised the White House in order to combat accidental leaks while using social media.   Kim’s personal bodyguard warned the gang: “We will find you. You messed with the wrong one.”  Kim was ambushed in her Paris apartment in the early hours of Monday.


Taylor is throwing her own Super Bowl Party!


If you were wondering why there has never been a Taylor Swift Super Bowl halftime show, we have all the answers!  As reported by the New York Post, Taylor’s contract with Coca-Cola bans her from playing the Pepsi sponsored Super Bowl halftime show. But that isn’t stopping Swift from having her own Super Bowl! On the eve of Super Bowl night, Taylor will be hosting her own giant concert. “AT&T* signed a major, exclusive multi-year, multi-faceted deal featuring performances and content with 10-time GRAMMY® award-winning singer, songwriter, musician and producer Taylor Swift. As part of the deal with AT&T, Taylor Swift will headline DIRECTV Super Saturday Night in Houston the night before the Big Game.