Detachable Jeans!

Remember Tear-aways? Kinda like that!

Ever put on a pair of jeans, stepped outside and realized- it’s too hot for jeans? But, its too late, you’re on your way. What do you do? Do you find time to go home and change or just sweat to death for the rest of the day?

Introducing Detachable Jeans! Kinda like those tear-aways from the 90’s only for jeans!


Detachable jeans are the creation of Y/Project. They’re a pair of jeans with cut outs on the leg and butt (so you can proudly display your underbutt).

But that’s not all. Along the cutouts sit two little attachments on each leg, fitting one part of the jeans to another. Because these are not just any jeans. These are detachable jeans.

Is this joy worth $425? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps we could just carry around a pair of short shorts in our bags for such short short related emergencies.