Did Netflix Loses $39 Million Because of Kevin Spacey?

He may have had something to do with it!

Netflix released its earnings for its fourth-quarter of 2017 with record subscribers signing up for the service…This may have made up for the fact that Netflix reported a $39 million content write down…CEO David Wells said at a press conference on Monday that the content issues had to do with “the societal reset around sexual harassment.”

Netflix suspended Kevin Spacey from season six of “House of Cards, plus scrapped another project that was to involve Spacey.

Another reason for the $39 million content write-down could be Netflix decision to pull the plug on the second stand-up special from Louis CK as the comedian admitted some very wrongdoings in November!

Netflix suspended production on season 3 of comedy “The Ranch” after Danny Masterson left the show following rape accusations against him…