Did you know Charli XCX was behind Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s smash-hit “Señorita”?

It took years to write, and Charlie says the song "wasn't for her"

Charlie sat down for an interview and said that the Latin Pop Flare song wasn’t right for who she was.  Plus Charlie’s next project has more of a futuristic sound and Senorita- did not fit…Charlie also admits, that Señorita was a song that took years to put together and complete!

Last year, Taylor Swift brought Camila and Charli along on her record-breaking Reputation Stadium Tour. Many fans were hoping new music would come from these three incredible ladies on tour together, and it definitely helped.

“We were on tour with Taylor together at the time so we were talking about it a little bit. She wanted to do it with Shawn and they were talking about it, like it was just everyone having a long conversation about it. Obviously both of them write as well so they kind of wanted to write on the song and make it more their own.”