Disney officially announces a Mary Poppins Sequel!

According to Variety, Disney has announced that its Mary Poppins sequel will be in theatres […]

According to Variety, Disney has announced that its Mary Poppins sequel will be in theatres on the far-off, futuristic date of December 25, 2018. It’s a perfect day for a family-friendly movie like Mary Poppins, since everyone will probably need a good distraction from whatever miserable holiday President Trump will have replaced Christmas with by then. The new movie will be called “Mary Poppins Returns”….

you’ll soon be drinking Oprah brand bottled water, energy drinks, coconut water & lemonade.
Oprah Winfrey is about to make lemonade stands more expensive. The billionaire mogul is reportedly about to cash in on her own lemonade after Beyoncé released her album “Lemonade.”  While there’s no official release date for Oprah’s lemonade, this isn’t the first time that Oprah has gone into the beverage business.  In 2014, she announced a partnership with Starbucks and revealed that she was launching her own line of chai teas with the coffee company. The tea is sold at both Starbucks and Teavana locations, and proceeds go to a good cause.
queen-elizabeth-birthday-90-annie-leibovitz-summer-2016-vfQueen Elizabeth II covers June’s Vanity Fair to celebrate her 90th birthday. The Queen was able to curate the photo taken by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Queen Elizabeth II chose to have her picture taken with the most important members of the Royal Family… The Royal dogs….  The Summer issue of Vanity Fair is on newsstands in New York and Los Angeles, and on the iPhone, Kindle, and other devices, on Thursday, June 2, and nationally on Tuesday, June 7.

kristin bell

Kristen Bell has opened up about her struggles with depression! In a new essay, she confesses that she’s struggles since college but never told anyone…Kristin goes on in the essay about constantly feeling negative when normally she was an upbeat person….The actress notes that the “extreme stigma” surrounding mental health makes it difficult for people to seek help…


Arnold Schwarzenegger has faced off against Predators, liquid metal cyborgs and psychotic terrorists of every kind, but nothing was quite as intimidating as getting chased by a bull elephant during his visit to South Africa.  The Terminator star and former California governor shared a nerve-racking video of the close encounter to YouTube on Tuesday, showing the massive pachyderm blocking the road in front of his group’s vehicle, and then walking around the car and chasing it as it drove away.  Check it out!