Disney’s Dumbo Was Number #1 This Weekend At The Box Office!

It was a depressing weekend at the box office!

Disney’s Dumbo opened this weekend and didn’t do as well as Tim-Burton and executives had hoped!  The Live-action remake opened with $45 million domestically. 

The movie cost about $170 million to make so they have quite a ways to go before breaking even! Plus this one a great opening for Disney compared to The Jungle Book!  This movie has huge star power behind it with Colin Farrell and Danny DeVito. It got mixed to negative reviews.  Dumbo was sad and upsetting when it was a cartoon, -critics have given it a 53 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.  

The $45 million was enough however to bump Jorden Peele’s “Us” to second spot with an additional $33.6 earned!