Distracted Driving The Leading Cause Of Death On Ontario Roadways Says OPP

Provincial Police Hope Passengers Will Play a Part In Ending Distracted Driving

Discouraging numbers from the OPP. Eleven deaths being attributed to distracted driving already this year, compared with four to this point last year. It has become the leading cause of death on our roads, something OPP Sgt. Peter Leon doesn’t want you to ignore.

He went on to say the OPP hope passengers play a role in ending distracted driving.

South Simcoe Police noting a conviction can mean a fine of 490 dollars and three demerit points, which impact on your insurance. Those still working through a graduated licence can be assessed the same fine,
but instead of demerit points there’s a 30-day licence suspension for a first offence, 90 days for a second or third offence. Beyond that, your licence is removed from the graduated licence system and you have to start the process all over again.