Distracted Walking is a Problem

And this US city is now going to fine you!

Update: On Monday, October 30th, inspired by Honolulu’s law,  Liberal MPP, Yvan Baker, has introduced a bill called the Phones Down, Heads Up Act which would make it illegal to cross the road while on a device. Fines range from $50 for a first offence to $125 for repeat offenders.  More HERE.
On Wednesday October 25th, Honolulu police started writing tickets for people crossing the road while distracted. Even a glance at a screen while you cross the road in that city can result in a ticket.

The first offence will cost you $15 USD ($19 and change Canadian) and repeat offenders could receive tickets between $75 to $99 (up to about $127 Canadian).

Honolulu decided to implement this law because they have “the unfortunate distinction of being a major city with more pedestrians being hit in crosswalks, particularly our seniors, than almost any other city in the [US]” according to Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

Read more about this HERE.

Do you think we should have laws like this?

Last year, 66% of Canadians polled supported “distracted walking” legislation. In July, Toronto city council passed a motion that would ask the Ontario government to amend the Highway Traffic Act to ban people being on devices while crossing the road. The suggestion was refused.