Ditch The Bra For Good?

Science says, bras don't do anything for gravity!

From a young age, we are taught to wear a bra when our breasts start to blossom. From Pre-teen to mature women, there are bras for all.

Some researchers have claimed that wearing a bra all the time can be connected to developing malignant breast cancer, and non-malignant breast fibrocystic disease. However, that study (in the booked Dressed to Kill) has been debunked by further research. There is no link between wearing bras and breast cancer.

In a study published in 2014, researchers interviewed postmenopausal female participants about their lifetime bra wearing patterns. Evaluating more than 1,000 women with breast cancer and almost 500 who did not have breast cancer, the researchers found no evidence of a connection between the number of hours spent wearing a bra or wearing an underwire bra and increased breast cancer risk. (1)

However, there might be a reason to ditch your bra! Perkiness…


A French Study found that in fact, if you wear no bra, you may actually experience lift in your breasts.  This is useful for young women but, if you’re already middle aged or have had a few kids, just wear your bra! And if you find a super comfy one, let us know!