Divorce after 33 years? Is that a new tattoo on Bieber’s face or just dirt?

Reports say Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are going to get a divorce after 33 years. […]

Reports say Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are going to get a divorce after 33 years. These two have had a very rocky past but even after cheating and drug use they have stuck together, so this comes as a surprise to many that they are going their separate ways. A few sources say Sharon and Ozzy mutually agreed that he would move out, and that the separation process will now begin. Some reports say it’s his drug use, however, other reports say Ozzy has been sober since 2013. Neither of them are saying anything just yet.


faceJustin Bieber has shown off what appears to be a tiny new tattoo on his face. The Canadian hitmaker posted a ‘selfie’ on Instagram.com ahead of his concert in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, when he displayed a small black mark next to his right eye. (Could be just dirt)



Victoria-BeckhamVictoria Beckham never really liked to sing! Perhaps that’s why we’ll never see a reunion! Simon Fuller, the Spice Girls manager between 1995 and 1997, recently spoke at the Business Innovation Awards – where he was the Entrepreneur of the Year honoree – and was very candid about ‘Posh Spice’ revealing that she never really felt like she fit in the group. He said, “She could sing pretty well, she could dance pretty well, but she always felt uncomfortable…. In fact….If you’ve ever seen the Spice Girls live, you might have been missing out on a few key vocals. It turns out that Posh Spice, probably known better these days as Victoria Beckham, often had her mic turned off during performances. Instead, she lip-synced the songs we love so much. When the Spice Girls broke up, she had a few songs as a solo artist but she wasn’t happy…. Simon has stayed close to Victoria throughout the years as he manages her husband David Beckham. He’s a big believer in Victoria’s fashion aspirations


amy-schumer_goldie-hawn_glamour_9feb16_getty_b  After a 14-year hiatus from the big screen, the funny lady will make her long-awaited return with a part in Amy Schumer’s upcoming action comedy. Goldie’s last movie was the Banger Sisters in 2002… So why the return after so much time away? “It had to be funny and it had to be with the right person,” she said. “I did a lot of stuff, but if it can’t live up to the expectation, it’s not worth doing.” She knew that there were a few elements necessary for her to commit to a movie shoot again, including joy, fun, and working “with someone you admire and adore.” In this case, the lucky woman who got Goldie’s admiration was Amy.


coverAmy Shumer’s new book now had a cover and a title…She revealed the book cover via Twitter along with information on how to pre order it! Gotta love the title too “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo” Amy’s hilarious!


captain americaCAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR just had the 5th BIGGEST domestic opening in box office history! It made an estimated $181.8 million in North America this weekend. The movie made $401.8 million internationally, giving it a worldwide total of $678.4 million. Marvel now holds 4 of the 6 largest domestic openings of all time.