Divorce Rates Are Up 50% In Quarantined Couples!

Being quarantined and financially stressed out has led to a huge increase in couples filing for divorce.

Matrimonial attorneys say that they have seen a 50% rise in requests from potential clients.  Being forced to spend more time together can apparently bring out people’s true colours…


High profile New York divorce lawyer William D. Zabel, who’s clients include Matt Lauer and Howard Stern says he has received many calls in the past week from “people seeking representation proceedings.”


The reason perhaps he says, “People who have enjoyed busy lives suddenly find themselves confined together, at a time of incredible anxiety.”


A couple’s therapist says that “many fights will come from not having space and being overwhelmed.”  

She also shared that in Xi’an, China, requests for divorce from couples coming out of months-plus-long quarantines cannot “be processed fast enough.”