Do You Eat These Things By Breaking Off A Piece First?

Do you eat your food weird?

How do you eat certain foods? For example; I had to give my husband the gears over the weekend for breaking a chocolate chip cookie into pieces before he ate it….

Buzz feed did a survey and found that when people eat Bananas- 65 % just bite it from the peel, while 35% admit to breaking the tip off first!

When it comes to eating a cookie, it was almost split down the middle…51% will break the cookie before eating it while 49% wouldn’t dare!

How do you eat a cheese string? An overwhelming 90% peel off strings while only 10% eat it whole!

Donuts?? almost 80% say they bite it- 21% they break it off

The expression breaking bread… 65% of people say they tear it apart first- 35% eat it while!
What about the old school popsicle? More than half say they split it in half first while about 41% will eat it like a jumbo pop!

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