Do You Have Isolation Envy?

People are getting “isolation envy” where they’re jealous of other people’s houses during this lockdown.

Remember when you’d look on social and see everyone’s normal life.  Pics of them living their best life; at the gym, out for dinner or flaunting how awesome their kids are?

Yah, those days are gone and now people appear to be jealous of your quarantine setup…The focus is all about flaunting the lockdown setup in your home…People are posting pics now of their great cooking conquest, their living room workouts or how happy their kids appear to be…(annoying)


As almost all pictures posted to social are from the home, this allows others to see inside, obsessing about what you don’t have.  A good example of this… Drake sharing what the inside of his $100 million mansion looks like in Architectural Digest…



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During this incredibly stressful time, the last thing you need is to see that others are rocking the self-isolation; jealousy is exhausting.


Clinical psychologist Dr Roberta Babb says 2020 is an ‘age of envy’. And our problem comes in the fact that we deny ourselves the freedom to admit and accept when we’re jealous – which can make these feelings even worse. 

‘We have been taught that envy is an unbecoming feeling and one to be ashamed of experiencing,’ Roberta tells ‘Consequently, feelings of envy are frequently denied at the public and private level.


Just remember, everyone is feeling this pandemic and no one is immune to it.  Some may appear to be totally fine and loving this- they are not!