Do YOU know what the perfect portion size is?

Expert reveals the amount you should be eating - and it's a LOT less than you think

So you know you’re supposed to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, but do you know what constitutes as a portion? For many of us, the answer is no.

According to dietitian and nutritionist, Susie Burrell this is how much we should eat… Ms Burrell explained that the way we are eating in 2017, ‘we are eating far more calories than ever before’.

So, if you’re finding your clothes a little snug, Ms Burrell recommends trying this ‘portion review’ with your own diet.

Disclaimer: it’s less than you think.


* CHEESE: A matchbox.
* GRAINS (RICE OR PASTA): Half a cup.
* OLIVE OIL: One to two tablespoons.
* COFFEE: A tennis ball.

* VEGETABLES OR SALAD: One large Asian soup-style bowl.
* CHOCOLATE: One finger.

* BREAD: A small notebook.

* SAUCES: One tablespoon.

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