Do You Pre-Wet Your Toothbrush Before Your Brush?

Should you wet your toothbrush before you squeeze the toothpaste on it or after?

It’s the latest debate on Twitter, people battling it out on both sides.

There are those who always wet before the toothpaste to make the brush softer, then there are those who squeeze the toothpaste onto the brush than wet it.

Some people do neither… Weirdos…

To put an end to the madness, actual dentists were asked, and their answer- well, they really don’t give a floss.

However, some dentists suggest that wetting the toothbrush at all can dilute the toothpaste and reduce its effects…

Dentists agree that we should all reduce the amount of water on the brush and that all goes for us rinsing our mouth after we brush- as both can prevent the toothpaste from working effectively!