Have you ever had an allergic reaction to a lotion or beauty product?  Here’s a side effect that would be even worse.

A popular moisturizer sold by Sephora is in the news because people claim the scent attracts SPIDERS.  (!!!)  Specifically, big nasty wolf spiders.

It’s called Delícia Drench Body Butter, sold by a brand called Sol de Janeiro.  The rumour started after someone posted a one-star review and claimed they had to stop using it because they were constantly being SWARMED by spiders.

They said they don’t usually see many wolf spiders where they live, but it became a daily thing as soon as they started using the product.  Then the rumor gained traction after other people online started backing up the claim.

A few people suggested that two chemicals used in some skincare products can mimic the pheromones from “sexually receptive” female spiders.  In other words, they can make male spiders want to get it on with you.

The company had to put out a statement saying their body butter doesn’t include the chemicals people are talking about.  And even if it did, spider experts say it probably wouldn’t attract spiders like that.

Other customers backed that up and said they’ve been using it for a while with zero spider encounters.