Does Your Husband Have A Phone Mistress?

Is Technology causing issues in your relationship?

I spend so much time and energy thinking about his phone, competing with the phone that gives him whatever he wants when he wants…It’s a common problem in a lot of relationships, one spends so much time on their phone that the other feels less of a priority.

It’s like a bad movie trailer!


Why he loves his phone so much…

The phone doesn’t ask anything of him
The phone is never moody
The phone is just there to entertain and make him happy
The phone is all fun and no responsibility


Here’s a reason not to flop in front of the flat screen: Less TV may make you happier. Researchers at the University of Maryland found that unhappy people watched about 20% more television than very happy people. It’s not whether more TV leads to unhappiness or if happiness leads to less tube time, but either way, it’s a great reason to hit the “off” button and read a book, go for a walk or meet friends.