Dolly Parton Helps Fund Moderna’s Successful COVID Vaccine

Dolly may have just saved the world!

More promising news this week as Moderna becomes the second major drug-making company to announce preliminary results from the first large-scale clinical trial of its coronavirus vaccine, and they think their vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective at preventing infections.


We can all thank Dolly Parton for donating $1 million early on in the pandemic to help fund the research.



According to The Guardian, Parton has also funded research into COVID-19 treatments, including a convalescent plasma at Vanderbilt University.


In addition to saving the world from the pandemic, Parton has been hard at work to save a holiday season that’s almost sure to be less jolly than usual, what with the social distancing and everything. She’s recently released a line of holiday bakeware, she’s releasing her first Christmas album in 30 years, she’s producing a Christmas movie for Netflix, and her website is full of jolly, Dolly-themed Christmas sweaters