Don’t drink coffee or tea on a plane

Some potentially yucky facts about plane water

When a waiter or waitress won’t eat their own restaurant’s food, that’s generally a bad sign. Well, the same thing goes for coffee and tea on planes. Several studies and investigations have been published over the past years pointing to the fact that airplane water may not always be safe for human consumption.

These studies included published testing from the EPA in 2004 showing that water from 12.6% of flights in the United States did not meet EPA standards. The U.S. introduced stricter rules in 2009 and Canada introduced new regulations last year but other countries may still need to overhaul potable water rules. Recently, a study of Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airlines showed that 10% of all their aircrafts had contaminated water.

Have you ever noticed cabin crew drinking hot tea or hot coffee?

CC Image Courtesy of Monik Markus via Flickr