Don’t Hang Your Mask From Your Rear View Mirror!

It's dangerous

Have you seen people driving around with their face masks hanging from their rearview mirrors?   And now Triple-A is warning people NOT to do that because it could block your view and make you more likely to crash.


AAA is warning drivers to stop hanging their masks from the rearview mirror in the car because it can partially block your field of vision and increase the risk of crashing.

Some other vision-related driver safety tips provided by AAA include::


  • Scan the roadway and shoulder/median areas 30 seconds ahead.
  • At night, adjust your speed to the range of your headlights.
  • Read signs by shape and colour.
  • Dim dash lights when driving after dark. Remove any light-coloured or reflective materials from the dash.
  • To cope with glare, adjust the rearview mirror to the night setting.
  • As vehicles approach at night, look toward the right side of the road.
  • Keep a flashlight on hand to read signs and house numbers when driving after dark.