Don’t Have a Cow Man…. Wait! Actually have one!

Looking to relax? Cuddle a cow!

In times of stress, it’s scientifically proven that being around an animal can help you to feel better.

Though we know cats can be difficult and we hate to break it to you, but your dog hates hugs (I know, I know – sorry). So why not try cuddling a cow?

A 25-year-old veterinary student and farmers daughter recently rescued 3 cows from slaughter and now uses the cows for cuddling workshops…

Cow cuddling is a trend that started in the Netherlands and sees people lying down and cuddling up to cows, with the aim of encouraging mindfulness and relaxation.

‘Cows are particularly suitable for cuddling, as they like body contact and are quiet animals.

If you’re interested, it will set you back over $50 to visit the Swiss sanctuary and cuddle a cow. The experience lasts two hours, is suitable for ages 7+ and begins with a session where the visitors learn all about their cow.