Don’t Miss This Movie: The Peanut Butter Falcon

Starring newcomer Zack Gottsagen with Shia LaBeouf

The movie is  a Mark Twain-esque adventure of a small-time criminal and a man with Down syndrome who has run away from home with dreams of becoming a professional wrestler.

Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz wrote the movie FOR the star, newcomer Zack Gottsagen, a man with Down Syndrome. The filmmakers met Gottsagen at a camp for disabled actors about eight years ago. While making a short film with Gottsagen, the filmmaking duo was impressed with his acting skills.

Zack Gottsagen told Nilson and Schwartz that he really wanted to star in a movie. The filmmakers told him, point blank that, while he was talented, they didn’t think the market would finance a film starring someone with Down Syndrome.  Gottsagen responded to them by basically saying, you should write a movie for me! And, so they did. Read more about how the film was made.

The movie came out this summer to select theaters and has great reviews.

You can catch The Peanut Butter Falcon at Circle Theatre in Alliston THIS WEEK until Thursday September 26th at  7:30pm with a matinee on Wednesday at 1:30 pm

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