Don’t Share Your Towel…It’s Gross

Researchers say that you shouldn’t share you towel with your partner or anyone for that matter unless you want their faecal bacteria on your face!

Experts say that when you share a towel, it’s pretty likely you are coming into contact with some seriously gross things…including faecal matter, i.e.- poo.

In fact:  90% of towels are contaminated with faecal bacteria and 56% of romantic partners spread their crap when they share bath or shower towels; 14% are said to carry E.Coli.

Moist towels hanging out in a damp bathroom are the perfect bedding ground for bacteria to grow and spread.  Even using your own towel can expose you to gross stuff, but sharing -is way worse because it could cause illness.  Keep this in mind, as its flu season and the virus can survive outside the body for around 24 hours. 

Here’s something else about sharing towels, it could lead to you picking up a ringworm in your head.  It’s rare, but it’s a possibility we’re not particularly keen to risk.

Having said all this, let’s all practise safe showering!  No sharing your towel with your partner!