Doritos Is Going To Make Snacks Just For Women!

Too Loud, too messy. Not anymore!

According to the Pepsi Co, women don’t like loud snacks!  With this knowledge, Doritos has announced plans to make chips designed for women.

Doritos makers say women don’t like licking their fingers.

The “lady-friendly” version of the popular tortilla chips will make less of a crunching noise when you eat them, will be smaller in size and the packet is being specifically designed to fit inside a handbag.

Because struggling to fit packets of crisps in our bags and the noise that comes with eating tortilla chips is clearly of huge concern to women today.

The bosses over at PepsiCo, which own Doritos say that women don’t want loud snacks or want to lick their fingers when eating chips around other people, unlike men who just don’t care…



Fun fact:

They were invented at Disneyland.

Food company Frito-Lay owned a restaurant called Casa de Fritos at Disneyland, and one day in 1964 employees decided to cut up excess tortillas, fry them, and cover them in basic seasonings like cumin. They were such a success that Frito-Lay refined the recipe and released them nationally in 1966.

The name is pretty cool.
They were originally called the “Doradito.” It’s the Spanish term for “little golden thing.”