Download Your Own Facebook Data

You Can See All The Info The Social Media Site Has On You

As the scope of a social media data breach becomes clear, Facebook has introduced a feature that allows you to download all the data they have on you. Now you can see what could be scooped by benign vendors and nefarious bad guys alike. Brett Glover did so, and was surprised to see Facebook had access to every single name, phone number, email address, or physical address stored in his phone’s contact list, merely for having used the messenger app. The info Brett downloaded includes the types of ads they think he would be interested in, and the advertisers who use it for their own purpose. You can download your own Facebook data by clicking the small down-facing arrow in the top right of your Facebook page, then clicking on settings. Once on the settings page, look for the hyperlink to download a copy of your Facebook data. Once started, the process takes a short time to compile all your data. You will get an email from Facebook once your data is ready to download.