Drake Asked To Chill Out During Raptor’s Games

Should Drake chill out during games, or is this part of the fun?

It’s hard to contain the excitement during the NBA finals considering that the Toronto Raptors have never made it until now.  With Game one done and our win; how can you ask Drake to tone it down?

Well, the NBA has done just that- according to the Canadian Press, the league made a call to the Raptors to discuss the Toronto rapper’s behaviour on the sidelines.

Drake has made headlines during the Raptors playoffs regarding his behaviour.  Drake has been seen standing up, court side shouting at opposing players and coaches- which is allowed. But Drake’s Trash talk has gone viral and the league made it clear that he needs to chill…

He has broken a few league rules like walking onto the court during timeouts and rubbing Toronto head coach Nick Nurse’s shoulders, which are in violation of policy.  This isn’t the first time Drake has been asked to calm down, so the question remains- will he?