Drake Is Being Sued By A Fan Who Says That She Was Injured At His Concert

Watch out for flying beer bottles

There is a fan out there who claims that Drake “violently struck” her with a beer bottle at one of his shows leaving her with injuries.

The lady is Amanda Giovacco and she claims she was “violently struck” by a beer bottle that was thrown during the rapper’s show at Madison Square Garden in New York in August 2016. 

Giovacco is suing Drake, a venue employee and promoters Live Nation accusing them of negligence.  The lawsuit also sights that the venue was over crowded and that they were also over serving.  Plus Amanda also says that Drake has a history of aggressive and violent behaviour at his shows- according to the lawsuit and the venue failed to protect fans. 

Giovacco says that the injuries from the beer bottle were so bad that she could not go to medical school.  She is seeking damages for this reason.