Drake Is Said To Be Stepping Up In An Effort To Keep Kawhi Leonard In The Six.

Can Drake help?

The Toronto Raptors are still said to be in talks with Kawhi, however the LA Lakers are also aggressively trying to snag the free agent!

Drake is said to be “mounting his own recruiting campaign on top of whatever the freshly minted champions are doing to convince him to stay.”

After the Raptors won the championship, Drake flew Leonard from their Las Vegas after party back to Toronto on his private plane. Drake and Kawhi also partied together on the double decker bus during the parade on June 17th!

Since the end of the NBA season, Torontonians have pulled out all the stops in the hopes that he’ll stay. Some restaurants have a Ka’wine & Dine program in which the superstar can eat for free. Meanwhile, a high-end realtor has offered Leonard a free condo if he sticks around.

Whether he stays or goes, he is making the best of his time here, as Kawhi and his family were seen in Niagara Falls, and at a Blue Jays game. Kawhi also signed a deal with Cargo Jet Airways-the same company that partnered with Drake last year.

Toronto can offer Leonard a maximum five-year deal worth roughly US$190 million. The Lakers and Clippers can only offer four years at about US$140 million.