Drake Takes A Few Hotel Maids On A Shopping Spree In Miami

Just call him Mr Deeds!

Drake has been giving back in a huge way since he’s been in Miami working. He’s donated money to schools, bought people’s groceries and has even taken a hotel maid on a private shopping spree after he learned that the lady commuted 4 hours to work daily!

The lady was profiled in the Miami Herald newspaper in 2017. Drake read all about Odalie Paret, mother of 5 who has been working at the luxury hotel in Miami for almost 20 years. This story inspired Drake to show even more love to the people of Miami…

She was then chauffeured to a Saks Fifth Avenue store, which had been closed to the public, where she was met by Drake and American footballer Antonio Brown, a Miami native, who encouraged her and two other women to enjoy a 45-minute shopping spree on them.

So why is Drake doing all of this? Because he’s awesome!  But some are thinking that all this will end up in his video for “God’s plan.”