Drake’s Heartfelt Message to a 14 Year-Old Battling Cancer

Sharing kind words of encouragement

Over the weekend, Drake surprised a 14-year-old fan with a personalized video message.

Zelek Murray, is a courageous 14 year-old who sadly was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer when he was just 9. He has received care and treatment at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

While at Sick Kids Hospital over the weekend his response to Drake’s message was captured on video and it is truly heartwarming. Huge salute to Drake, I don’t think anyone could truly know of the lasting impact this could provide.

Due to his ongoing treatments that he receives, from the amazing staff at Sick Kids Hospital, Zelek is often tired and drained from Radiation therapy, and other treatments used to help shrink his tumor. The cancer Zelek is currently battling, is called “Ependymoma”, a tumorous cancer that can form in the brain or spinal cord.

Thanks to Drake’s message, Zelek has received an outpouring of love, support and lending hands to help where possible. A GoFundMe was created not even 24hrs ago generating $6,000 already!!