Drivers That Do This Are The Worst!

Or are they?

If you drive a car you’ve probably been here. Sitting on a highway that’s merging down to one lane all the while other cars are zooming past you and merging last minute. If you’re like me you probably have mumbled a few choice words to yourself, (and if we’re being honest) occasionally at a much higher volume accompanied by hand gestures.



Photo Credit: Cole LoCurto

But here’s the thing. According to this How Stuff Works article not only are those last minute mergers not wrong… They might even be right. By maximizing the amount of road space it actually makes things less congested. Meaning those last minute merging maniacs are actually saving everyone time! And THAT means us early mergers are actually the crazy ones.

While I’m not sure if I’ll be able to break my courteous driving habits, the next time I see someone fly by me (while I’m patiently waiting) I’ll try to remember that just because I think they’re a bad driver doesn’t actually make them a bad driver.