Dutch Company is Growing Coffins from Mushrooms

Improve the environment in your death

A Dutch company called Loop has made a way for you to be a “fun-gi” into eternity.

Loop has created a coffin made of mycelium, which is the amazing underground root structure of mushrooms. It takes about one week to grow this coffin in Loop’s lab at the Technical University of Delf. Once it is dried out, it can hold about 200 kilograms. (The average weight of a human in North America is about 82kg).

They add a layer of moss to stimulate decomposition and, once the coffin is buried, it will dissolve in about within 30 to 45 days. The body is estimated to take only 2 to 3 years to decompose, instead of the 10 to 20 years it takes with traditional coffins.

More than just accelerating decomposition, mycelium can clean soil. Mycologist Peter McCoy  says mycelium are “sort of nature’s greatest decomposers, disassemblers, by far better than and more powerful than bacteria, animals, and plants. They break all kinds of stuff down.” (source) Mycelium has been used to clean up toxic chemicals from land!

The coffins cost about $2350 CND (1500 Euro).


Read more about Loop’s coffin HERE.



Image: James St. John “Marasmius oreades (fairy ring mushrooms)” / Flickr /CC BY 2.0