Earth’s Hot Streak Continues

Scientists worried we have become desensitized to warming

The average global temperature for March was 54.9 degrees Fahrenheit – 2.2 degrees warmer than the 20th century average. It was also the hottest March on record and the eleventh month in a row a new high has been set. Ten straight months of record highs were recorded in 1944. That beat the previous record by more than half a degree. This all came in the midst of a winter – December through February – that was also the warmest on record. Scientists worry  people will be desensitized to the drumbeat of broken records and will not realize the real affect they have on weather — for example, massive changes in what is supposed to be winter in the Arctic. Greenland had a record early start for its ice sheet melting. The Arctic had its smallest winter maximum for sea ice and it was the second smallest March snow cover for the Northern Hemisphere.