Put down the phone or your work, and eat together!

On June 22, Kool FM Teamed up with Loblaw and Joe’s No Frills for a wonderful cause’ EAT TOGETHER!

According to a recent survey by President’s Choice®, almost half (42%) of all Canadians eat lunch alone every day at work, and two-thirds eat lunch alone at least three times during each work week*. Many Canadians grow up eating with family and friends whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. However as young people transition into adulthood, they seem to lose those strong communal ties that are created through eating together. Today, Canadians have adopted eating alone as the new normal.

Last year Loblaw and No Frills set out on a journey to remind Canadians of the importance of eating together. There is a strong social power that comes with eating with others.  Whether it is taking a moment to sit and eat with colleagues, friends or family, food has the power to bring people from all walks of life together.