Ed Sheeran Buys His Neighbour’s Properties To Avoid Noise Complaints.

Because why not?

So what do you do when the neighbours complain that you’re too loud?  You buy their houses, if you’re Ed Sheeran! 

Ed owns a multi-million dollar home in London and admits that the neighbours haven’t been happy with him and the sometimes excessive noise coming from his estate. Ed decided to drop $5 million and buy the two properties next to him and also apparently purchased the apartment above the new bar/music venue he owns and even built a “manmade pond” surrounded by bails of hay on one of his properties that he reportedly uses as a swimming pool.  

Ed has had some issues in the past with locals complaining about a pub sign and even the pond on his land… The pond was zoned for wildlife, but Ed appealed to the town to allow it to be used for swimming and fishing also.  

His current estate is said to be worth about $24.7million.