Ed Sheeran Donates Undies!

If you’re in love with the Shape of Ed Sheeran- This might be for you!

Ed Sheeran has kindly donated some of her personal items all in the name of Charity… Ed Sheeran’s family have cleaned out his old bedroom in his family home and one of the items found/donated- His undies with “sexy Bastard” across the wasteland …Items will be sold starting at $15 up to $1000… 

A Martin Acoustic Guitar valued at $5000 Canadian is also up for grabs along with a life-sized replica of Sheeran’s head made entirely from LEGO blocks, valued at between $1,100 and $1,700 CAD.  You can also get your hands on Ed Sheeran’s teddy bear


or his collection of Framed bugs…

British Auction House Bishop & Miller announced that more than 300 Ed Sheehan items are being auctioned off for zest.

Zest is a new initiative created by St. Elizabeth Hospice to support the care of young adults who are living with progressive and terminal illnesses.