Edible Plates!

A whole new meaning to licking your plate clean!

Edible plates are made by a technology company called Biotrem. The plates are made in Poland from natural wheat bran and small amounts of water!   They are then packed together into a plate shape using high pressure and high temperatures.

Both hot and cold food can be served on these plates and they can even be used in ovens and microwaves. Oh, and you eat them after! And if you’re super full from all that food you and compost the plates as they are totally biodegradable… The plates have an expiry date, however; you must use, the plates within 30 days…

The edible plates come in a range of sizes and even in bowl shapes!  The same company also makes cutlery out of the wheat bran. Oh, and they are totally gluten-free- Bonus!

Stock up now!