Elf On The Shelf Cereal Is Coming!

Like every popular character, Elf of the shelf is getting a cereal!

December 1st marks the return of your Elf on the Shelf!  He or she is Santa’s little helper that encourages your children to be on their best behaviour before Christmas morning!

If you need a little more help getting your kids to be nice, or perhaps you just can’t get enough of all things Christmas- Elf on the Shelf cereal is here to sugar your kids up!

According to the packaging, the cereal is a burst of red and green holiday colours, has a perfect marshmallow-to-cereal ratio, and tastes exactly like sugar cookies. It’s also got edible glitter!

According to Walmart, “it’s a fun shimmer of gold on the cereal.”  But will this glitter stay with you forever like decorative glitter?

While Kellogg’s doesn’t mention this new heaven in a box on their website, U.S. Walmart confirmed the product will be available exclusively in Walmart stores nationwide beginning early this November.