Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi sell their Montecito mansion for a cool $33.3 million

Real estate is a hobby!

Ellen and Portia have flipped their mansion for a whopping $33.3 million making a profit of $6 million on the deal.


DeGeneres and Rossi are notorious when it comes to real estate. 


The couple bought the recently sold nine-acre estate in late 2018 for $27 million and then proceeded to renovate it. They initially put the property on the market for $40 million but settled for the cash offer of $33 million.

As was first reported by Variety, the 10,500-plus square foot property was burglarized in July, which may have prompted the sale and the additional myriad of security cameras and infrared lasers installed.


Don’t worry too much about where DeGeneres and de Rossi will live, the two own a $42.5 million Beverly Hills mansion — purchased from Adam Levine in 2019.