Elton John getting sued by former body guard! Lady Gaga Celebrates her B-day!

Sir Elton John has been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former security […]

Sir Elton John has been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit by a former security guard. Jeffrey Wenninger claims the Elton John inappropriately touched him several times throughout the course of his employment in 2014. The former body guard….alleged incident, accuses the musician of twisting his nipples and saying, “You gorgeous thing, you.” Wenninger, who quit his post in September, 2014, claims he repeatedly attempted to verbally and physically resist the singer’s alleged advances, but to no avail.


Some people have birthday parties with a few friends and fam.. but Lady Gaga had an early bday party with a bunch of huge celebs! Seen going in a West Hollywood venue was stars like Taylor Swift, John Legend, Kate Hudson, Chrissy Teigen, Pharrell and more! Lady Gaga Turned 30….. Before she was 30- she had a #1 hit with “Just Dance”- Her second album The Fame was nominated for 5 grammy’s…just to name a couple things…


Melissa McCarthy has an F-bomb filled PSA for all of us -She speaks out against Texting on your phone at movies…

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Although she’s only a month in to her world tour, Adele is reportedly planning to take a five-year hiatus from the music industry to focus on her son. A source close to the songstress reveals that she’s still very new to motherhood and doesn’t want to miss out on her son Angelo growing up.   Adele’s tour wraps up in November. She’ll be in Toronto in October.


“Dead 7” is a SyFy original film from the makers of Sharknado — and stars members of ‘NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and O-Town… yes really and premieres on April 1  “In the End” was recorded for the SyFy original movie where the ’90s boy band members fight zombies in the Wild West



Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company is under fire again over a series of eco-friendly cleaning products. A class action complaint against the actress and her partners has been filed by Missouri housewife Margo Smith. She claims the company “deceptively marketed” the firm’s “popular consumer liquid laundry detergent, dish soap, multisurface cleaner and other products” as not containing sodium lauryl sulfate. Tests have found “significant amounts” of the cleaning chemical. The company claims that testing on the products are not being down right… This has happened before with regards to the company’s alleged mislabelling of products for a sunscreen product… The Honest Company was founded by Alba in 2011 and valued at $1 billion last year.


COREY FELDMAN wants to put out another album, and he needs help from us . . . financially. He’s launched a campaign on the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo asking for $105,000. It’s a 22-song album called “Elev8or 2 Ascension” that he’s apparently been working on for 10 years. He goes into great detail explaining the whole project, and he calls it, quote, “a musical experience, a musical journey through all types of sounds from EDM to pop to rock to hip-hop . . . it’s literally a sound of the ages.” He’s raised over $2,500 in six days, and he has another nine days left to meet his goal.