Emission Tests Now Free

Unless you need work done

With the flip of the calendar to April there is no longer a $30 charge for the Drive Clean emissions test car owners have to go through every two years. You still have to get the test, and pay for any repairs should your vehicle fail. Queen’s Park says it’ll save people money and make it easier for them to ensure their vehicles are running efficiently. In addition:

  • testing requirements for light-duty vehicles when they are re-sold ahve been eliminated
  • back-to-back conditional passes for vehicles that fail their emissions test are prohibited
  • only fees paid for direct emission system repairs count towards the $450 repair cost limit -the amount required for a conditional pass
  • drivers whose vehicles do not pass the regular Drive Clean test will have to pay for any subsequent retest
  • drivers who want to subject their vehicle to a Drive Clean test outside of the regularly required tests will also have to pay the test fee
  • program rules for heavy-duty vehicles, such as large trucks, motorhomes and buses, are not changing. Heavy-duty vehicle owners will continue to pay for Drive Clean tests and will still require an emissions test if the vehicle is re-sold

image: Mike Roberts via Flickr