Employers Looking To Shorten Bathroom Breaks By Introducing The World’s Most Uncomfortable Toilet Seat!

If you’re one of those people who enjoys an extended bathroom break at work, you better hope that you’re company doesn’t install these!

A start up company has created a toilet seat that’s designed to make you get in and get out quickly!

The seat is sloped forward by about 13 degrees to increase strain on your legs, similar to a quad thrust according to the company StandardToilet.com

The worst toilet ever is already getting interested for companies for install.  The mission of this company is:  target offices to purchase these toilets to cut down on the length of time employees spend in the bathrooms.

It’s estimated that extended toilet time in the work places costs companies upwards of $4 billion per year in lost productivity! 

According to a survey in the UK, some people are spending up to 28 minutes in the bathroom at work!

The company also wants us to know that they also designed this toilet to provide health and wellbeing benefits through improved posture and to encourage less sitting time…