UPDATE: Environment Canada Confirms Second Tornado Near Huntsville

Tornado Over Fairly Lake Becomes Water Spout

UPDATE: Environment Canada confirms a second tornado touched down near Huntsville during Friday afternoon’s storms. Storm assessors say it touched ground about 17 kilometres northeast of Huntsville and tracked about nine kilometres from Pell Lake to Dotty Lake. It’s path was about 150 metres wide damaging tress and causing structural damage to cottages.

Environment Canada has confirmed that a tornado touched down in Muskoka this weekend. The thunderstorm on Friday spawned the tornado on the south side of Huntsville just before 4pm. They also say the tornado turned into a water spout after travelling onto Fairy Lake. Officials now confirm a second tornado may have touched down the same night. They’re looking into damage done to some trees and buildings on Friday, about 15 km from Huntsville. They say Friday’s storm produced winds with speeds up to 150 km/h.