Everyone should introduce their new puppies this way

There's a new King of the Jungle in town... His name is Charlie.

Andy Cameron introduced his new puppy in the most awesome way and it’s so important!

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He went full “King of the jungle” and totally nailed it!

The little fella is named after Charlie Kelly from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

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The two have gained quite the traction with the “Puppy reveal” with it being picked up by popular entertainment and news site, BuzzFeed. As well as on Twitter and Facebook!

Camera said that with some quick Googling and $20 worth of green fabric, the green screen illusion was pretty easy to pull off.

“I hung up the green screen in there while Charlie was napping,” he said. “We filmed the takes using only my iPhone camera, I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to do chroma-keying to get the green screen removed, and Bob’s your uncle!”

I just think its the most beautiful, pure and cutest thing on the internet right now. You’re welcome.